Even though the races for medals are slowly being locked up, DIPC is still finding ways to keep us all entertained! All the 'usual' suspects are keeping everyone's attention between rounds– The prolific world champion flying ace Veres Zoltan flying the MXS by MXR Technologies, and the Skydive Dubai jet ski team athletes in coordination with SD Gyro Copters performing tricks over the pond – never a dull moment…Oh, and there were many canopy pilots around foaming at the mouth for a chance to destroy each others accuracy scores after a day off too!. Some had a day off and toured Dubai, coming back to meet up at Zero Gravity, the beach lounge on the Northern end of the Landing area. A beautiful sunset topped it all off. Amaaaaaazing.
As with the previous edits for the 2013 DIPC video presentation here, today we take a short look at a discipline of skydiving that some people still think is crazy; Canopy formation, or CF.
It is far from crazy! Along with a bunch of other event footage, with this edit, we hope to give you an introduction to CF.
Edited at Skydive Dubai Studios:
Angel Railean, Butch Pablijan, Chester Barria, Emma Merritt, Michael Panahon, Shabeer Kottrath, Tigoi Sy

DIPC contributing Video Crew for this event:
Brad Merritt, Chris Pope, Darcy King, Emilia Plak, Frank Täsler, Greg Shelton, Junior Ludvig, Max Bruffell (CF), Michael Panahon, Rhys Kempen

Panoramic photography/post by Frank Täsler
Voice over by Prussia Nala Kiva

Music by Audiosocket

Song title: Ghost
Artist name: Science Vs Nature
Writer(s): Christian Aydt, Kiley Thompson
Publisher(s): Science Vs Nature, Leopona Sub A

Song title: Sunrise
Artist name: ChokoDiscoManiac
Writer(s): Cristian Milani, Michele Clivati
Publisher(s): Sym Music Srl, Leopona Sub B


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